GenCon Tips

Rod and Jimmy give you tips to make GenCon 50 amazing. What tips would you add to the list? More Content: read more

Hall of Fame 2017

Today we start something new. Each year we will add games to our Hall of Fame list. Let us know what games should be added in the future. More Content: read more

Dized 30 Second Challenge

We took the challenge and describe Barenpark in just 30 seconds. Will you take the challenge? Post your video and send us the link! More Content: read more

Eminent Domain Board Game

This week Rod and Jimmy agree on this one. Does it get a Buy it, Play it, or Hate it rating? More Content: read more

Islebound Board Game

Should you Buy it, Play it, or Hate it? Check out our review of Islebound by Red Raven Games. More Content: read more

Dozen’s Donuts

Today we review a game that was sent to us called Dozen’s Donuts. Is this more than just a matching game? Will adults like this one? Find out if I think you should Buy it, Play it, or Hate it? More Content: read more