Project L Board Game Review

Rod and Jimmy talk about Project L. This polyomino game comes with dual-layered boards and your arsenal of plastic tiles grows as you play the game. Does it get a Buy It, Play It, or Hate It... read more

Now I Want It

Jimmy talks about 5 games he played recently that are going on the Wish List. Have you played any of these? Let us know in the comments. 0:00 Introduction 0:55 Kemet Blood and Sand 2:03 Project L 3:17 Isle of Cats 5:15 CoLab 6:45... read more

Trinity of Reign Livestream

Kickstarter Link: Trinity of Reign is a strategy game for 2 to 4 players is aimed at casual to professional players. Easy to learn, it offers countless strategic possibilities and ways of playing. The detailed building miniatures and the possibility of individual expansion of the capital let you create a unique little world in every game. More Content:... read more

Playthrough: Kim Joys Magic Bakery

Kim Joy’s Magic Bakery is on pre-order now! Buy the game directly from Skybound Tabletop here: Kim-Joy’s Magic Bakery is a light cooperative card game for 2 to 5 players that tells an adorable story over 10 unique scenarios. No baking experience required! More Content:... read more