Playthrough: Kim Joys Magic Bakery

Kim Joy’s Magic Bakery is on pre-order now! Buy the game directly from Skybound Tabletop here: Kim-Joy’s Magic Bakery is a light cooperative card game for 2 to 5 players that tells an adorable story over 10 unique scenarios. No baking experience required! More Content:... read more

Kim Joys Magic Bakery

Skybound Tabletop sent us a box of goodness for their upcoming game release. Check out the unboxing and go purchase the game here: If you would like to support our channel you can do that by purchasing some “Board Gamer” stickers, coasters, and buttons here:... read more

Red Rising

If you love the book will you love the game? After reading the book and falling in love Jimmy takes a look at the newest game based on the books. Should you Buy It, Play It, or will you Hate It? Support our channel! Buy a sticker, pin, or coasters!... read more

Chili Mafia Kickstarter

BGG Description: Chili Mafia is a set-collection party card game for 2-8 players. Compete to assemble the most powerful Chili Pepper Gangs (sets of cards) and become the most respected mafia boss. To win, score the most points at the end of the game. Kickstarter campaign link: This is a non-paid kickstarter... read more

Lots Filled In

Sharpen your color pencils and roll those dice. It’s time for the roll and write version of Lots. Kickstarter Link: If you’d like to support us on Patreon you can do that here:... read more

Honey Buzz and 6,000 Subscribers

To enter you must be in the Continental United States and leave a meaningful comment on any of our other videos. Contest ends on July 31, 2021. Here is a link to our review of Honey Buzz:... read more