Let’s play a game of STRIKE

Jimmy and Jordan play three games of Strike. You’ll love this fast paced game of throwing dice. It’s way more fun than it should be for what is in the box. Watch and let us know what you think in the... read more

Let’s play a game of Gorinto

If you like Abstract Strategy then you need to check out Gorinto. Jordan and Jimmy play a two player game of Gorinto by Grand Gamers Guild. Designed by Richard Yaner with art by Josh Cappel. In this game the wild dragon tokens are used and the seasonal point variant is... read more

How heavy is Kanban EV by Vital Lacerda

How heavy is Kanban EV? Jimmy gives you a high level overview of the new version of Kanban EV. Is this game too heavy for you? Let us know if this review helps you decide on whether you should get the game. Buy It, Just Play It, or will you Hate... read more

Revisiting Dead of Winter

A cooperative game about Zombies from 2014? How does it hold up after all these years? Jimmy and Rod revisit their review of Dead of Winter. Here is our original review:... read more

Marvel United Review

Packed full of miniatures, this coop games put you in shoes of the greatest heroes from the Marvel Universe as they face the toughest villains. How does this cooperative game stand up to our Buy It, Play It, or Hate It... read more