Walk the Plank

(Written Review by Jimmy Hudson, No Video)

Some games don’t warrant a full video review but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth adding to your collection. From time to time we will do a quick blog only review that doesn’t include a video. Walk the Plank is one such game.

Ages: 8 & Up
Players: 3 – 5
Play Time: 30 minutes
Designer: Shane Steely & Jared Tinney
Publisher: Mayday Games

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From the Box:

In Walk the Plank, players represent the worst pirates in a captain’s crew. The captain has rounded you all up because you’re all lazy and stupid and simply not worth the rum and loot you get paid. That said, the captain has decided he’s willing to keep two of you in his crew. To prove you’re worthy, you will fight amongst yourselves, trying to shove other players’ pirates off the end of the plank while keeping yours alive. The last two pirates still alive win the game.

Thoughts on the game

This is a great filler game that doesn’t take too long. The basic idea is you pick cards before the round starts and then watch as the action unfolds. Each round you pick three cards and then you go around the table revealing and resolving the result of the cards. It gets crazy really fast. The cards you picked can help or hurt you depending on what those before/after you play.

There are all kinds of cards in your deck. You can push a pirate next to you closer to the edge. You can retract a piece of the plank and send someone into the sea. You can drag someone down with you. You can retreat. You can add a plank back. The choices are yours but you don’t know what your opponents will play before you.

I backed this game on Kickstarter and couldn’t wait to get it in the mail. This game is considered a prequel to the game GetBit. I also grabbed GetBit as an add-on with the kickstarter campaign for Walk the Plank. I’ll do a written review on that one soon.


It’s quick and easy to learn. People won’t be too intimidated by it and they will want to play again. There are lots of laughs to be had as people push and shove each other around on the planks. The best part of the game is not knowing what others will play and watching your moves get spoiled by those ahead of you.

The pieces are nice and the price was cheap. I think it is well worth the small price tag. It comes with wooden pieces, thick cardboard bases, and nice canvas cards. Even the box is high quality.


I wish there were player aid cards. We kept having to go back to the instructions to clarify some of the cards. They also might consider adding simple instructions right to the cards themselves. But even though we had to keep going back to the instructions it only took us a couple rounds to have a good understanding of what each card could do.

Final thoughts

When I first saw this game on kickstarter it looked like simple fun that anyone could learn quickly. I didn’t know for sure if this game would be a winner or not. It is a winner. Everyone laughed and enjoyed the game tremendously. Our game ended with some fun crazy twists and unexpected turns. I highly recommend it.

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