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Cost to review games

At this time we do not charge to review board games. We love when companies trust us to review their games and we are always thankful for review copies. Since we do not charge games we are selective on what games we can review due to time restrictions. Please accept our apology if we aren’t able to review your game. All shipping costs must be paid by you.

Request a Review

If you have a board game that you’d like for us to review please submit the request here. When we started this channel our main goal was to review board games in order to help people make informed decisions. We never thought people would send us games to review. We have received a lot of games and have helped a lot of kickstarter campaigns. We would love to review your upcoming kickstarter or your published game.

Requirements and Restrictions

  • Contact us early if you’d like for us to review your game by a specific date.
  • We cannot print out your game.
  • Due to time restrictions we cannot review all games.
  • We can turn down games due to a number of reasons.

Example Videos

Here are some example videos of games we have reviewed. These include kickstarter games and games that are already published and on the shelf. If you have an upcoming kickstarter and you need a review then give us a shout. If you have a published game that you’d like for us to review shoot us a message.