Episode 28: Hype Train & GenCon50

Hype Train! We talk about a TON of games on this episode. If you are looking for new games, this is the episode.

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Games Mentioned

The Little Flower Shop: 1:45

Drakkar The Card Game: 2:45

The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire: 3:49

Dinosaur Island: 10:31

Rise of Tribes: 18:03

The Game Crafter: 23:51

SuperPowers: 25:34

Dized: 29:08

Dice Hospital: 31:52

Dice Throne: 34:48

Whistle Stop: 38:51

Clank! In Space: 40:08

Secrets: 41:12

Ex Libris: 42:31

Cheese Quest: 45:07

GenCon Recap: 47:47

Guest Interviews:
Funk Train with Derek Funkhouser: 38:04


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